Hell Can't Handle All Of Us.

..mightily massive sound, packed with power, loaded with grit, filled with feeling and resonating pure blues edged, stoner enhanced, hard and heavy-metal. Not for the fainthearted, ‘HCHAOU’ stomps lesser mortals into the ground, whilst elevating those who are true to its cause. 9/10 *********”

Jenny Tate's Blog December, 2017.

Black Emerald pack each song with head bobbing, bluesy riffs. They are excellent at crafting interesting song structures. They always add a twist towards the end of a song, filling each song with a pleasant surprise.”

Matthew Brooks - MidlandsMetalHeads Radio

Black Emerald demonstrate their ability to produce an authentic sound... a highly enjoyable album that is easily recommendable to Metal fans of almost any description. ”

AC Rock Reviews.

..a diverse sounding opus...the album builds in mystique before blowing the listener away with a final grenade...If this is the start of things to come, 2018 is going to be a great year.”

The RevivalMusic.Co.UK

...a well crafted collection of tracks...strong riffs and aggressive vocals...epics as well as hard and fast rockers... a very solid debut release.. that all fans of metal should be able to engage with. 7/10.”

Metallum Sub Terra

...a cohesive linking of styles...a really good showcase for the band who have clearly managed to develop their own unique approach. 7/10”

Mind Noise Network

a high energy album which is gritty and fuses many different genres together...it delivers on all fronts. Black Emerald give it 100% with numerous twists and turns. This band is unique...each member of the band is individually so good, blending them together creates an epic sound, which I can only imagine must be immense on stage!”


We are proud to present the official artwork and track listing for our debut album 'Hell Can't Handle All of Us'. The artwork was once again through our collaboration with Very Metal Art, and we couldn't be happier with it.

Track listing:

1. Hell Can't Handle All of Us
2. Life of Anxiety (feat. Craig Mcbrearty of Gutlocker)
3. Dr. Stein
4. B.O.D.
5. One for the Road
6. Voodoo Princess (feat. Andy Gunn of Remnant)
7. Drown in the River
8. Sculptures to the Sky
9. Figure on a Barbed Wire Cross
10. Jonestown
11. Revelations

Black emerald hchaou